At present LHA is not accepting new members.  This is because we are already using the largest available spaces at our local shopping centres, and our existing members more than fill the space, so we have no space at all available for new members.

Occasionally LHA members do retire, and then we can accept new members.  Our guidelines for new members are:

(1) You will need to offer quality craft products that you make yourself; that reflect our tradition of creativity, utility and beauty; and are different to what we already sell.

(2) Because we are a co-operative, we will also need you to assist in setting up our stall, as well as manning the stall.

So if you are interested in becoming a member when the opportunity becomes available, it would be great if your could get in touch and let us know.  If you can, please visit one of our stalls to see the full range of what we offer, and have a chat to some of our members.

Please contact us for more details. See the Contact Us page for our mail, phone and email contact details.