Sue's needlework

Sue sews a wide range of items for babies and young children.  Her range of clothes includes cute rabbit booties in a range of sizes, romper suits (up to size 2), sun hats, cotton dresses (up to size 6) and dungarees (up to size 2), as well as applique singlets (up to size 2) and bibs in a wide range of designs.

She makes a range of toys for babies and young children, including clutch balls, rabbits, teddy bears, koalas, kangaroos, "do-do"s for babies, and koala rattles.

Sue also appliques tea towels and face washers.


Applique face washers and teatowels


Teddy bears, rabbits, monkeys and clutch balls.  Click on a picture to see the full range.

Toddlers clothes

Dresses (up to size 6) and dungarees (up to size 2)

Rabbit Bootees

Sizes up to 12 months

Romper Suits

Romper suits for ages up to 2 years, cotton, machine washable, in a variety of colours