Where & how to buy our craft

There are two ways to buy our handcrafts - you can either come to one of our regular craft stalls (held at St Ives Shopping Village), or you can use the Contact Page on this website to send us a enquiry and buy direct from the craft maker herself.

Most of our local customers prefer to visit our stalls, because you can see the full range of our members' craftwork for yourself, you can talk with the makers, and organising payment is simple (we take cash, credit cards, and EFTPOS).  Our members will often have extra stock ready for the rush when the sale starts, so you can get a wider range to choose from.

Most of our members will also take special orders, and we find that many special orders do come through this website, because it is so much easier for us to put you in contact with the most appropriate crafter.  Of course, out-of-town customers also contact us via this website.

If you'd like to come and meet the makers, here are the details of the shopping malls where we hold our sales, and how to get there:

St Ives Shopping Village
St Ives Shopping Village is located on Mona Vale Road in St Ives. Our location is usually alongside the travelator.  This is on Floor 2, near the outdoor car park entrance to Coles and the food court - we are very close to the dome.

If you don't have a car, there is a frequent bus service from Gordon Station interchange, and a weekday bus from Hornsby Station Interchange. Any of these bus routes will take you to St Ives, where there is a bus stop at the Mona Vale Road entrance to the shops:

  • Route 195 Gordon Station to St Ives Chase
  • Route 196 or 197, Gordon Station to either Mona Vale or Austlink (Belrose)
  • Route 591 from Hornsby Station to St Ives Village Shops

See the CDC Bus North Shore website for timetables