The LHA website was originally set up, and run for many years, by Ed Dixon, who deserves our heartfelt thanks for putting up with our members who know far less about websites and what to do with them than Ed does.  Since 2017, the website is set up and maintained by Dave M, who converted it to work on phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops.  We've kept Ed's original design and layout, with minor changes.

The site is now written in CMS Made Simple

and is hosted right here in Sydney, by the Australian company VentraIP

The Society of Arts & Crafts of NSW operate what is now Sydney's major commercial full-time retail craft outlet. located in the old Coroner's Court building in Sydney's historic Rocks district.

Squidfingers provided us with our original background image, which we've kept. The original website no longer exists, and the link now redirects to the portfolio website of Travis Beckham, the professional graphic designer who gave so many people like us free artwork for many years.  Thanks to the Wayback Machine for archiving the original Squidfingers logo.