Elaine's studio glass

Elaine is a popular glass artist, having worked with glass for many years.  She has her own kiln and uses it to make glass earrings, her unique Australian bird brooches, other fantastic jewellery, and Christmas decorations.

She also uses stained glass techniques to make boxes, kaleidoscopes and various ornate figures.

Elaine has exhibited at Sydney's Royal Easter Show for many years.

Stained Glass Boxes

Stained glass boxes with various lid designs.  Click on a picture to see more designs.

Glass pendants & necklaces

Glass necklace and glass pendant on rubber thong

Blue Stained Glasswork

Blue Stained Glasswork

Studio Glass Earrings

Earrings made from studio glass, available in both pierced-ear and clip-on styles.  Click to see more designs.